Monday, June 2, 2008

A Very Special Horse

Little horsey gave a big sigh

And tried his utmost not to cry

Shut his eyes, tried not to think

He did not want his heart to sink

He looked at others in the meadows

Enviously from the shadows

Oh, how he loved their backs that gleamed

How impeccable they always seemed

He hated his dreary brown coat

The way he ran was far from ‘float’

His mane would never stay in place

His nose was too big for his face

His legs were short, his ass was big

The others teased and called him weak

His mind was not as quick as some

The one girl who loved him was mum

One day horsey wished on a star

That in the future (but not too far)

He grow out of his awkward phase

And maybe even leave this place!

As horsey lay in slumber deep

Something happened in his sleep

A bright light shone, a soft breeze blew

But little horsey slept right through

When morning came, and open eyes

He got a very big surprise

He had a brand new horn, and my,

He even had big wings to fly!

The other horses stared in awe

They’d not seen unikos before

Horsey beamed and said with pride

‘I love my beautiful gold hide!’

He stomped his foot and waved his horn

He flapped his wings and was airborne

He shouted back and tossed his mane

‘I never will come back again!’