Monday, June 2, 2008

A Very Special Horse

Little horsey gave a big sigh

And tried his utmost not to cry

Shut his eyes, tried not to think

He did not want his heart to sink

He looked at others in the meadows

Enviously from the shadows

Oh, how he loved their backs that gleamed

How impeccable they always seemed

He hated his dreary brown coat

The way he ran was far from ‘float’

His mane would never stay in place

His nose was too big for his face

His legs were short, his ass was big

The others teased and called him weak

His mind was not as quick as some

The one girl who loved him was mum

One day horsey wished on a star

That in the future (but not too far)

He grow out of his awkward phase

And maybe even leave this place!

As horsey lay in slumber deep

Something happened in his sleep

A bright light shone, a soft breeze blew

But little horsey slept right through

When morning came, and open eyes

He got a very big surprise

He had a brand new horn, and my,

He even had big wings to fly!

The other horses stared in awe

They’d not seen unikos before

Horsey beamed and said with pride

‘I love my beautiful gold hide!’

He stomped his foot and waved his horn

He flapped his wings and was airborne

He shouted back and tossed his mane

‘I never will come back again!’

Monday, May 26, 2008

Superrstarr and the Special Surprise

About a daulphin who's blue about being single..

Superrstarr glumly cleared the table and loaded the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. He had just gone through (yet another) failed blind date. She looked every bit as beautiful as her picture suggested, but it turned out that she wasn't very hygienic and suffered from scale fungi on her tail (and the way she kept scratching it was rather off-putting as well). Superrstarr felt a little disgruntled. He was a friendly daulphin, with many fluff friends all over fluff land but daulphins were a rare breed in his part of the world. And while he was all for inter-fluff relationships, he'd wanted to someday have his baby racer daulphin (being an incredible racer himself) that he wanted to groom to be just like him. His friends had tried numerous attempts to set him up, but really nice normal daulphins were hard to find, and the sky, ice and ocean daulphins, while more common in his area (he lived in the rich suburbia of fluff ocean) were rather stuck up (being invite bonus pets and all).

Normally Superrstarr was a very happy-go-lucky daulphin, but lately due to his impending birthday and the increasing amount of nuptials among his friends had made Superrstarr slightly depressed about being single. One day, Superrstarr received yet another blind date invitation from Cloudy, his best sheepu friend. He was on the verge of refusing and seriously considering a life of daulphin priesthood, but Cloudy refused to accept no as an answer. Reluctantly, Superrstarr dragged himself out of bed and waited (rather sulkily) at the pier as arranged. To his surprise, instead of yet another itching daulphin, Cloudy met him and told him he just wanted to spend some quality friendship time fishing and chatting, like old times (recently, Cloudy had landed a role in Mary's new film about finding her lost lamb and was rather busy filming).

After a spectacular day of fun-filled activities, a tired Superrstarr returned home to find a surprise birthday party prepared for him! (He had been so busy moping, he hadn't even realised his birthday had crept up on him). All his fluff friends were there ( and had taken the liberty of filling up extra tanks of oxygen should the party extend till late) and they had prepared all his favourite dishes. Superrstarr felt overwhelmed by all the love and attention his friends showered on him, and felt terribly blessed to have them all. He decided to get out of his depression and just let things be. He knew one day he'd find the true love of his life, and if not, there was always his friends!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lazarou and The Great Escape

This was my first attempt at writing a humorous story... Thankfully, the person I wrote it for helped me out by giving me the storyline that she wanted, so I took it from there.

Basically, Lazarou is a turtle that has been put under house arrest by Vetinari, her deeno after a cow molesting accident. Lazarou was innocent however, accidentally bumping into the cow's udder after dropping his monocle.

Enjoy the unfolding events. :)

Unbeknown to Lazarou, Ms. Moo was actually the mistress of the kingpin of the fluff world, Mr. Firebreath (who was rumoured to actually eat baby leppits for breakfast!). Ms. Moo (being a very attention-seeking cow) was extremely displeased at not having her 15 minutes of fame; seeing as how Lazarou was practically herded into the (fluff) police car by Vetinari immediately after the cow molesting incident. In actuality, Vetinari had recognized Ms. Moo and was trying his best to protect Lazarou. However, a rushed 10 seconds of profuse apologizing (with a few bows) did nothing to pacify Ms. Moo.

Vetinari had requested that Lazarou be put under house arrest in order to avoid him being held at the (fluff) jail (many fluff cops were said to be on Firebreath's payroll and Lazarou would not last 2 seconds in there).

Lazarou was extremely annoyed at the situation; being a well-known businessman, he did not want his reputation to be tainted and also needed to meet many clients. He could not remain under house arrest! He tried various ways to escape, with the excuse of 'proclaiming his innocence', but Vetinari was a very experienced detective and was well-prepared. Driving his car forcefully out of the house only resulted in him crashing into a fire hydrant a few blocks away when trying to navigate a bend at top speed. Sneaking out of the back door in the middle of the night had him landing in the neighbour's cacti (on his stomach!) after slipping on their baby leppit's toy car. That kept him occupied for awhile as he spent the next few nights plucking out stray thorns. His final most recent attempt of diving off the roof into the neighbour's pool (and missing it) had ended in a cracked shell and some broken toenails. (And also many drunken nights of depression).

Vetinari's was getting angry at Lazarou's inability to comprehend the direness of the situation, especially when Ms. Moo had once turned up at the house with a truckload of lecoons and knives demanding to see Lazarou. Vetinari had had to stuff Lazarou into the spaceship in the garage (with him complaining loudly and *still* drunkenly about suffocating) lest Ms. Moo tried to storm the house.

However, finally it was revealed that Lazarou had indeed bumped into Ms. Moo by accident. The fluff dairy had recently installed a hidden camera (after they kept getting break-ins from orphaned baby wallabies for the milk) and it had managed to get everything on tape. Lazarou's name was cleared and Ms. Moo was finally given her hour of fame when she was interviewed by the Fluff Daily.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lil Squeeky and the Rainbow Sunshine Candy Quest

I wrote this for a competition, and got 9 gold..second place.. :) Lil Squeeky is a mouseu on fluff.

One sunny day, Lil Squeeky clambered out of bed and took a deep breath of the fresh morning air. As she threw open her windows, she suddenly noticed that her garden was bare! It was as if all her daisies, lilies and tulips were never there, and her pine tree stood alone by the gate. Lil Squeeky suddenly remembered she hadn’t talked to her flowers in over a week! In fluff land, you had to talk to your flowers to make them feel loved, and encourage them to grow. Flowers got sulky very easily, and if they were ignored for long, they ran away. Lil Squeeky had been so busy lately helping Cherry Jubilee to throw a birthday party that she had neglected them.

In a panic, she dashed over to Ella Flutter’s house for some advice. Ella was an expert when it came to flowers and plants. Ella calmed down the distressed Squeeky, and told her in order to get her flowers back, she needed to plant some sunshine, a piece of rainbow and some candy canes in the spots where they grew. However, she only had 2 days before her flowers find another garden and settled there permanently. Upon hearing the news, Lil Squeeky flew over to get the help of the unikos.

Gracey immediately raced her over to the Mirror Lake, where Mr. Sun stayed. All gold unikos knew Mr. Sun personally, for it was he who gave them their beautiful tint. Today, his rays beat down hard, but Lil Squeeky braved the heat to ask him for a little sunshine. At first, Mr. Sun was displeased that she was disturbing him at work and for her own mistake no less. But after he heard the full story, he mellowed slightly and gave her a snippet of what she wanted. Lil Squeeky thanked him profusely, and then immediately left with Blue Belle to Horizon Square.

Horizon Square was a small town where rainbows resided. Lil Squeeky had never been there and she was awed by the beautiful cloud homes, baby rainbows playing in the yard and the occasional pot of gold peeking from under a bush. Blue Belle was a frequent visitor of Ultraviolet, her childhood friend. Ultraviolet was just giving her baby a little haircut, when they found her in the backyard. “Well aren’t you in luck!” she beamed, as she swept up the colourful trims into a bag and handed them over to Lil Squeeky. They stayed for orange tea and some layer cake before bidding Ultraviolet goodbye.

Lil Squeeky now needed only the candy canes, and Pink Blossom brought her over to Lovely Lane to purchase them. Lovely Lane was the place to go to for anything sweet (and not necessarily only food items), and it was packed as usual with everyone clamouring to buy all sorts of things. Lil Squeeky’s heart sank when she saw the sign in the sweet shop window that said ‘Cotton Candy and Candy Canes are SOLD OUT for the week’. Now she’d never get her beloved flowers back! However, luck was once again on her side as Pink Blossom had a sweet tooth and was a very popular customer at the sweet shop. The owner, Mr. Chewy, always kept the last bag of candy canes for her. Lil Squeeky was delighted beyond words, and rushed home to plant her sunshine, rainbow pieces and candy.

After a quiet 3 days full of worrying, Lil Squeeky woke up to find her flowers were back in their places! She squealed with joy, and rushed outside to tell them how happy she was that they were back and to apologize for having neglecting them. She threw a big party to celebrate the homecoming of the flowers and to thank her wonderful friends for doing all they could to help her. She felt contented. Life could not get better than this!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

death's sweet escape

She dreamt that it was springtime
When the flowers were in bloom
And after dusk and twilight
Stars were twinkling in the gloom

She dreamt of fragrant summers
And of evening walks with dad
She dreamt of apple blossom trees
And the sweetest fruits she’d had

She dreamt of seaside picnics
Of sea foam and white sand
She dreamt of golden meadows
And of holding Josh’s hand

She dreamt of being healthy
When she never got a cold
The illness got her body
But it could not get her soul

She dreamt of sleeping fitfully
Of pain-free peaceful nights
She dreamt she’d no longer be
Under the harsh hospital lights

When the person she’d been waiting for
At long last stood by her bed
He took her hand and smiled at her
And very calmly said

It’s time to send you home once more
As he stroke her golden mane
She smiled at him and closed her eyes
And never woke again.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Uniko Story

*note: I know I haven't been posting, so if this doesn't get read.. nevermind then. lol... I wrote this for a contest that was held on the (fluff) pets forum[for the uninitiated, that's an app on facebook]and since, hey! it's a story, and I haven't been posting, I decided to put it up. Happy reading. (btw, 'unikos' are the unicorn pets (mini fluffs, they are) and they come in blue, pink and gold. =)


The uniko looked up at the big tree blowing in the wind. The tree, which once had big boughs weighed down with sparkling fruit and glittering leaves was now reduced to almost threadbare branches. Kind of like herself, she reflected as she glanced down at herself sadly. Her beautiful golden colour, which had turned to a dull bronze, had started fading almost the same time as the tree started to deteriorate. As she looked back at it, she remembered how she was found under it; her, a baby uniko and it, a young sapling, with a note for Mama Deeno, who ran a shelter for abandoned fluffs. It had said that when the tree started to bear its fruit, she was to be fed only those, and that the fruit was to be eaten by her alone. Indeed, it was impossible for any other fluffs to feast on those shiny berries, for the tree raised its branches high whenever anyone but she was to try and pick the fruit.

The tree had been her only friend growing up, for the other fluffs were jealous of her beauty and the supposedly ‘preferential treatment’ she received pertaining to the special fruit. They ignored her, and day after day she stood under the tree staring at the other fluffs playing happily nearby, wishing she could join in the fun. After a while, she no longer wanted to be a part of them, but instead spent hours lounging under the shady branches chatting with her friend. Sometimes when it was quiet and the wind blew, she thought she could almost hear the tree whispering back to her.
Now she felt weak as she quietly lay under its branches as she had done all these years. Staring up at the twinkling stars in patches of dark blue sky between the gnarled branches, she felt her eyelids getting heavier and soon she was dreaming. Two golden unikos appeared, beckoning to her. She smiled, suddenly understanding. They were her parents, come to collect her at last.

The whispers were true; baby unikos everywhere were not abandoned. They were simply left behind to experience the world before they were taken home to the Golden Isle, where they lived peacefully forever with the rest of their kind. It was time to go home.

The next day, a beautiful golden flower stood where she had lain; and the tree was never to bear fruits again.

*note 2: for contest purposes, I had to limit the story to 200words, so I also posted the revised version here; if you would like to take it look. Will post the outcome when results are announced. =)

**edit: I got second... so won a rain/dear set... :)

The uniko looked up at the tree that had been her friend for all her life. She remembered how she had been found under it her, a baby uniko and it, a young sapling, with a note for Mama Deeno, who ran a shelter for abandoned fluffs. It had said that when the tree bore its sparkling fruit, it was to be only eaten by her. Indeed, it was impossible for any other fluffs to feast on those shiny berries, for the tree raised its branches high whenever anyone but she was to try and pick the fruit.

But lately the tree had been dying, just as her beautiful golden colour had been reduced to a dull bronze. She felt weak as she quietly lay under its branches as she always did. She dreamt; and two golden unikos appeared, beckoning to her. She smiled, suddenly understanding. They were her parents, who had come to collect her at last.

The whispers were true; baby unikos everywhere were not abandoned, they were simply left to experience the world before they were taken home to the Golden Isle, where they would live peacefully forever with the rest of their kind.

The next day, a beautiful golden flower stood where she had lain; and the tree was never to bear fruits again.