Monday, May 26, 2008

Superrstarr and the Special Surprise

About a daulphin who's blue about being single..

Superrstarr glumly cleared the table and loaded the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. He had just gone through (yet another) failed blind date. She looked every bit as beautiful as her picture suggested, but it turned out that she wasn't very hygienic and suffered from scale fungi on her tail (and the way she kept scratching it was rather off-putting as well). Superrstarr felt a little disgruntled. He was a friendly daulphin, with many fluff friends all over fluff land but daulphins were a rare breed in his part of the world. And while he was all for inter-fluff relationships, he'd wanted to someday have his baby racer daulphin (being an incredible racer himself) that he wanted to groom to be just like him. His friends had tried numerous attempts to set him up, but really nice normal daulphins were hard to find, and the sky, ice and ocean daulphins, while more common in his area (he lived in the rich suburbia of fluff ocean) were rather stuck up (being invite bonus pets and all).

Normally Superrstarr was a very happy-go-lucky daulphin, but lately due to his impending birthday and the increasing amount of nuptials among his friends had made Superrstarr slightly depressed about being single. One day, Superrstarr received yet another blind date invitation from Cloudy, his best sheepu friend. He was on the verge of refusing and seriously considering a life of daulphin priesthood, but Cloudy refused to accept no as an answer. Reluctantly, Superrstarr dragged himself out of bed and waited (rather sulkily) at the pier as arranged. To his surprise, instead of yet another itching daulphin, Cloudy met him and told him he just wanted to spend some quality friendship time fishing and chatting, like old times (recently, Cloudy had landed a role in Mary's new film about finding her lost lamb and was rather busy filming).

After a spectacular day of fun-filled activities, a tired Superrstarr returned home to find a surprise birthday party prepared for him! (He had been so busy moping, he hadn't even realised his birthday had crept up on him). All his fluff friends were there ( and had taken the liberty of filling up extra tanks of oxygen should the party extend till late) and they had prepared all his favourite dishes. Superrstarr felt overwhelmed by all the love and attention his friends showered on him, and felt terribly blessed to have them all. He decided to get out of his depression and just let things be. He knew one day he'd find the true love of his life, and if not, there was always his friends!

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