Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lil Squeeky and the Rainbow Sunshine Candy Quest

I wrote this for a competition, and got 9 gold..second place.. :) Lil Squeeky is a mouseu on fluff.

One sunny day, Lil Squeeky clambered out of bed and took a deep breath of the fresh morning air. As she threw open her windows, she suddenly noticed that her garden was bare! It was as if all her daisies, lilies and tulips were never there, and her pine tree stood alone by the gate. Lil Squeeky suddenly remembered she hadn’t talked to her flowers in over a week! In fluff land, you had to talk to your flowers to make them feel loved, and encourage them to grow. Flowers got sulky very easily, and if they were ignored for long, they ran away. Lil Squeeky had been so busy lately helping Cherry Jubilee to throw a birthday party that she had neglected them.

In a panic, she dashed over to Ella Flutter’s house for some advice. Ella was an expert when it came to flowers and plants. Ella calmed down the distressed Squeeky, and told her in order to get her flowers back, she needed to plant some sunshine, a piece of rainbow and some candy canes in the spots where they grew. However, she only had 2 days before her flowers find another garden and settled there permanently. Upon hearing the news, Lil Squeeky flew over to get the help of the unikos.

Gracey immediately raced her over to the Mirror Lake, where Mr. Sun stayed. All gold unikos knew Mr. Sun personally, for it was he who gave them their beautiful tint. Today, his rays beat down hard, but Lil Squeeky braved the heat to ask him for a little sunshine. At first, Mr. Sun was displeased that she was disturbing him at work and for her own mistake no less. But after he heard the full story, he mellowed slightly and gave her a snippet of what she wanted. Lil Squeeky thanked him profusely, and then immediately left with Blue Belle to Horizon Square.

Horizon Square was a small town where rainbows resided. Lil Squeeky had never been there and she was awed by the beautiful cloud homes, baby rainbows playing in the yard and the occasional pot of gold peeking from under a bush. Blue Belle was a frequent visitor of Ultraviolet, her childhood friend. Ultraviolet was just giving her baby a little haircut, when they found her in the backyard. “Well aren’t you in luck!” she beamed, as she swept up the colourful trims into a bag and handed them over to Lil Squeeky. They stayed for orange tea and some layer cake before bidding Ultraviolet goodbye.

Lil Squeeky now needed only the candy canes, and Pink Blossom brought her over to Lovely Lane to purchase them. Lovely Lane was the place to go to for anything sweet (and not necessarily only food items), and it was packed as usual with everyone clamouring to buy all sorts of things. Lil Squeeky’s heart sank when she saw the sign in the sweet shop window that said ‘Cotton Candy and Candy Canes are SOLD OUT for the week’. Now she’d never get her beloved flowers back! However, luck was once again on her side as Pink Blossom had a sweet tooth and was a very popular customer at the sweet shop. The owner, Mr. Chewy, always kept the last bag of candy canes for her. Lil Squeeky was delighted beyond words, and rushed home to plant her sunshine, rainbow pieces and candy.

After a quiet 3 days full of worrying, Lil Squeeky woke up to find her flowers were back in their places! She squealed with joy, and rushed outside to tell them how happy she was that they were back and to apologize for having neglecting them. She threw a big party to celebrate the homecoming of the flowers and to thank her wonderful friends for doing all they could to help her. She felt contented. Life could not get better than this!

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